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Project Management for
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Human Resources departments taking care of the major paperwork, from job descriptions, interview process or people development. Winio helps HR to collaborate around all the paperwork, coordinate work with others teams and keep all the documentation updated.

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New hire onboarding

Finally, you got the new star hire to join your company, but it can be challenging to get this employee all information he needs to ensure a smooth transition. Usually require a pileup of paperwork, and a lots of emails to make sure everything is done.

By using Winio you can track the onboarding process from start to finish, so the new hire will know what they need and immediately find it, to ensure he is ready to hit the ground running.

New Hire for HR Teams

Candidate Tracking

No matter if you are working at a small startup, mid-sized agency or a well-funded corporation the hiring process can be complex and long for both company and candidates.

Winio helps you HR to streamline the hiring process by given all the stakeholder's full visibility about who is in the pipeline, share contact information and resumes to ensure your company has a solid and smooth workflow.

Candidate Tracking

Talent Management

Focus on talent management is a critical component of a broader workforce management strategy because recruiting, training, retain, and promoting the right people are essential steps to reach your company goals. But this isn't an initiative just for HR teams, there's a lot of people involved in those activities.

Winio brings all the people together, from your HR team to team managers to ensure you identified the high-performance, high-potential individuals and make sure you retain them in long-term.

Talent Management
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