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winio project board

All you need to work more effectively

Simple Collaboration

Winio works the way you do. Stop jumping between tools and streamline your workflow

Real-time Feedback

Simplify your feedback process by having clients and team members working on your projects

Discuss, don't chat

Avoid continuous noise of live chat or email and get targeted discussions around topics


All your projects are safe and secure in the cloud, so you can access them from anywhere


Keep your team always up to date, everyone knows what they have to do and why


A beautiful and simple interface to bring everyone on board without changing habits and processes

Winio grows with your team

See what your team is working on

Small tasks are the best way to solve big problems.

Let your teammates know what they have to do and get a quick overview on what is being done.

Give your team time and focus

Don’t discuss projects where others are sharing cats gifs.

Email is disorganized and messy, chat can be fragmented and distracting.

With winio you have real discussions.

Keep your files where they belong

Organize your work by keeping every file close to the project.

Let everyone knows who added or updated a document.

Easily preview images, spreadsheets, pdf, you name it.

Be more productive

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