Give your team continuous time for focused work

Winio is an organized and flexible space for teams that combines documents, tasks and discussions to empower transparent collaboration in a peaceful way.

winio board


Real context for your conversations


Your privacy matters

All your messages are encrypted and can only be seen by the people involved in the conversation.

messages history

Never lose a conversation

We keep all your conversations history in case you ever need to check what has been discussed.

sticky notes

Highlight important notes

Some messages deserve more attention. Winio gives you a flexible way to capture ideas and share meeting notes with your team.


@Mention a teammate to call his attention

@mention someone to get quick feedback without the need of back and forth email.


Small tasks to solve big problems

comment on tasks

Clarify what needs to be done

Comment directly in tasks to keep conversations actionable and provide extra insights about what needs to be done.

tasks assignees

Let your teammates know what to do

Easily assign tasks to your teammates, so everyone knows who’s responsible.

tasks organization

Visually organize your tasks

Create sections and order your to-do lists to have a better visual organization of your work.

tasks progress

Easily visualize your project progress

Tasks statistics allows you to track projects progress over time and helps you understand when there's the need of an extra pair of hands.

my tasks

Get an overview of your work accross projects

See and manage all tasks assigned to you from every project in a single place.


Keep every file close to the project

documents preview

Preview documents before download

Quickly find the files you need and preview them in the browser without the need of download a copy.

share documents

Seamlessly share your documents

Stop wasting time searching for lost documents when you can add them directly to your project and ensure everyone is working on the last version.


Bring your whole team together


Targeted notifications

Don't get annoyed with noisy notifications. Always be on top of everything with tailor made notifications for you.

project guests

Include your clients in the loop

Invite clients to your projects without forcing them to create an account.

recover deleted projects

Easily recover deleted projects

You can always recover accidentally deleted projects as if it had never happened.

project external

Attend outside projects

Attend projects created by other teams without the need of leaving yours.

Be more productive

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